How to generate Amazon MWS Auth token
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From September 05 2016, for new registration into ChannelMAX, you will be required to get MWS authorization token from Amazon MWS and input into ChannelMAX. ChannelMAX uses these to connect to your Amazon Seller Central. Please note that for existing ChannelMAX accounts, no change is needed, it's only for the seller who joins ChannelMAX after September 05 2016. Please refer to the following steps to obtain MWS Authorisation token and then input into ChannelMAX under "Settings-->Account-->Selling Venues".

A. To register, you will need these two following info(Please ensure that you are completely logged out of Amazon seller central accounts): 
  1. Application name: ChannelMAX
  2. Developer Account Number:
    Amazon US/CA: 6926-3221-1435
    Amazon Europe: 0213-9363-5379
    Amazon Japan: 2187-4016-8722

B. Please start by clicking on any one of the following appropriate Amazon locale
 AmazonUS AmazonCA  AmazonEurope  AmazonJP
1) Click on the above link(if prompted, please log in to Amazon Seller Central).
Note: When you log in, application name and developer ID is auto-populated. If it is not auto-populated then, you may manually input the details i.e., Application Name "ChannelMAX" and the Developer Account Number as mentioned above depending on your selling venue.
2) Click on Next
3) On the next panel, accept the Terms and Conditions and click on Next again
4) You will be given a SellerID and MWS Authentication Token. Please copy the MWS Authentication Token in the sign-up page or complete the following steps to manually add a new selling venue within your account.
5) Now log in to ChannelMAX and go to Settings --> Account --> Selling Venues --> Amazon USA( or any other as appropriate).
6) Input the MWS Authentication Token and click on "Save Selling Venues", (please dont change any other value).

Getting MWS keys for Amazon India and China 
Please Click here to obtain MWS Key pairs for Amazon India and China.

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