Mass Update
Updated by Ash on 31 July 2017 06:59

In "Repricing" using 'Actions-->Mass Update' tab, you may bulk change folder ID, repricing model, inventory profile, item condition, Min, Max prices etc..

  • Open Google Chrome or FireFox
  • Login to
  • Click on Repricing
  • Choose desired set of SKUs by tick marking white square box near SKU name.
  • Click on 'Actions-->Mass Update' tab and change any of the options as desired.

a) To change repricing model, please check mark the box near 'Repricing Model' and then choose new repricing model.
b) To change Folder, check the box near 'Folder' and then choose new folder from the drop down list.
c) To change item condition of SKUs, check the box near 'Condition' and choose new condition from the drop down list.
d) To change 'Lead Time To Ship' information, please check the box next to the name and choose new value from the drop down list.
e) To change 'Inv.Profile', tick mark the box next to name and choose new inventory profile from the drop down list.
f) To change Retail/Max, Cost/Min, MAP, Actual Shipping Cost, please check mark the box as needed and enter the values to be changed in appropriate text boxes.

Finally, if you want to apply the changes to all SKUs displayed on Repricer screen, you may tick white color box below "All" or if you wish to apply to only few SKUs on the page, please check the white color box above + sign(near SKU value)before navigating to 'Actions-->Mass Update'.

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