How to add a new Selling Venue to your ChannelMAX account?
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Please refer to the following steps to add a new selling channel for repricing.

1) Authentication:

As a first step, please obtain your Amazon MWS Auth token and save your account identifiers under Selling-->Settings-->Account-->Selling Venues section for the desired selling venues. Please note that ChannelMAX does not need your Amazon seller central login email and password. You may obtain MWS Auth token as detailed in this link.

2) Inventory Import:

When your new account is created, we auto download your active listings from Amazon seller central with the current Amazon price set as Max in ''Repricing''. But, when additional selling venue is added, we do not auto download your inventory unless auto import option is turned on. You may click on this link to enable import options from Amazon.

3) Floor/Ceiling Setup:

For repricing, we need floor price too. Therefore, as soon as the SKUs are downloaded from Amazon, they would not get repriced unless you add appropriate floor or Cost/Min. Your floor price is controlled based on the Floor rule#35 under ''Settings-->Repricing Model-->Floor/Ceiling'' tab and ceiling is controlled based on Ceiling rule#42.

4) How to manually edit Min and Max prices under Repricing?
a)  Enter appropriate Min and Max prices under respective columns
b)  Click on Save icon (floppy disk icon) displayed on top right of the screen.

5) How to create inventory file?

Please note that ChannelMAX accepts only tab delimited text file(.txt format). We would need your inventory file prepared with the following columns
 :SellingVenue value (this column should have value AmazonUS or AmazonUK or AmazonDE or EbayUS etc..)
Once a file is created with the above columns in a spreadsheet, please save it in tab delimited text(.txt) format. 
Here is how the file structure would look like

6) How to upload inventory file to ChannelMAX?

Once you have the file ready in tab delimited text format, please refer to the following steps to upload this file to ChannelMAX. Once the file is uploaded, inventory can be viewed using Repricing menu within your ChannelMAX account.

Open Google Chrome or FireFox
Login to
  1. Click on "Inventory-->File Uploader"
  2. Click on "Choose File" button
  3. Select the .txt file that you have ready and click on "Open"
  4. Click on "Analyze This New File"
  5. Click on option "C. Upload/Update All SKUs in the File".

7) By default, repricer would work based on the default repricing model setup in your account. If you wish to reprice the SKUs assigned to this new selling venue differently from default setup, you may create a new repricing model under 'Settings-->Inventory-->Repricing Model' screen and assign the SKUs to this new model created.

8) Repricer Schedule:

Finally, your repricer schedule need to be configured under ''Settings-->Processes-->Process Setup'' page for the selling venue newly connected under "Settings-->Selling Venues" by clicking on 'Create New Schedule' button.

9) How to check if the repricer is running normal?

Once repricer is made live by unchecking reprice rule#44a under 'Settings-->Repricing Model', you may view the entries under 'Settings-->Job Process Log' with records '_DONE_' under Status column for the number of SKUs repriced.

10) How to download repricer R report to excel?

Open Google Chorme or Fire Fox (not IE)
Login to
  Click on 'Settings-->Processes' 
  Click on 'Submitted Processes'
  Click on the 'R' link, its the 4th column from right on the grid

Once clicked on 'R' link, it will download a file with extension .7z, save it to a location in your computer.
The file name will be something like nnnn-loginname-RepriceReport-Pnnnn-Snnnnnnn.7z
 a. Download and install 7-zip from (download the exe version)
 b. On the 7-zip file that you downloaded from ChannelMAX
 c. Choose 'Extract Here' or 'Extract To `folder-name`'
 d. Once extracted, you can open the resultant text (.txt) file using Excel
 e. Since the number of columns is much more than Excel supports, you will get a warning while opening, ignore the warning.
 f. Once you install 7-zip, if you right click on the file, you will see the option to extract the file. Please see this screen shot

If you have any questions or clarifications, please feel free to reply to or and our support team would get back to you.

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