FTP Datafeed Setup as a replacement to FileUploader
Updated by Ash on 17 January 2019 04:26

This page explains how to set up your ChannelMAX account to auto import min-max data from an FTP feed file.

1) As a first step, please create a file and name it in format "<channelmaxloginid>_ftp_channelmax.txt" with the following columns in tab-delimited text format. For example, if your login name is demo1000, then the file name will be demo1000_ftp_channelmax.txt
P.S1: Once this file is created, please upload it to your FTP account.
P.S:2: You may refer to this link on file layout.
2) As a next step, please save your FTP credentials in ChannelMAX under 'Settings-->Account-->Dropship-->My Own FTP' Section 5 Inventory Download Information.
We would need the following details:
Host Folder(if available)
Port Number(value will be 21 normally)
File Name To Download( filename as under point#1)

Note 1: You may also post us your file link under 'Live Inv Feed Url provided by Dropship Company' box under Section 2 "Feed URL". However, this file link should be a flat file in the file structure provided above.
Note 2: If you do not have an FTP account, we will provide you one for an additional $5 a month.
3) As a 3rd step, under 'Settings-->Account-->Dropship-->My Own FTP' set "Enable Feed" to "Yes" under option#1 "General" and then set option 'Create New Item In ChannelMAX' to Yes. 

4) As a final step, ChannelMAX Support team will validate this FTP setup and have our admin team schedule this FTP process. Therefore, once you complete the above 3 steps, please submit a support ticket to configure this setup.
Note: If you wish to reprice only the SKUs present in the file, but move everything else from ChannelMAX inventory to 'Trash', need to click on "Purge and replace ChannelMAX with every FTP file feed" to "Yes" in 'Settings-->Account-->Dropship-->My Own FTP' under section 1 'General'. 

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