Time Variant Repricing
Updated by Ash on 12 October 2017 06:50
This time variant repricer setup would help you configure the repricer to reprice to ceiling price during specified time of the day.
Below are the steps to achieve this requirement:
1) Define 2 new repricing models under 'Settings-->Repricing-->Repricing Model' as detailed in this link.
2) Next, in 'Settings-->Repricing-->Repricing Model' click on new repricing model created(first R model created as per step 1) and then click "Time-Variant" tab.
3)Now, configure reprice rule#59 as below:
  • When to 'Daily' if you want to use it daily or choose the day as appropriate
  • Start Hr:Min with start time
  • End Hr:Min with end time
  • Overriding Repricing Model with the 2nd new repricing model created as per point#1.
P.S: The time value under Start and End Hr:Min should be 24 hours format.
Once you enter all the fields as mentioned above, click on "Save Time-Variant".
4) As a next step, click on the 2nd repricing model name created as per step 1 and then click "Floor/Ceiling" tab, you may set rule#35a to be 100% of SKU Retail/Max as floor.
5) Finally, assign desired SKUs to apply to this repricing strategy as explained in this link. When you assign the SKUs to a new repricing model, please make sure that it is assigned to the R model in which 'Time-Variant' tab is configured.
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