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Here are the answers for some of the generic questions that may come up on your mind as you start using our new web interface,

1) Where do I see the inventory downloaded from Amazon?

Ans: In, you may click on "Repricing" menu to view the SKUs downloaded from Amazon.

2) How do I view filters?

Ans: In 'Repricing' page, you may click on 'Filter' on centre top of the screen and then choose desired options.

3) How do I clear/disable the filters on my repricer?

Ans: In 'Repricing' screen, you may click on "Filter-->Clear Filter".

4) Can I toggle FBA switch in repricer?

Ans: Sorry.. no. We get merchant status of an SKU directly from Amazon. Hence, you may not be able to manually modify/toggle the same in repricer.

5) What is the meaning of 'Buybox Rotation' column on 'Repricer'?

Ans: BuyBox rotation value indicate how many times buybox was rotated to a specific SKU in the latest 30 repricer cycles.

6) What is the meaning of 'Distance from buybox' on Repricer?

Ans: It means the percentage difference between your price and buybox total price of the SKU.

7) What is 'Sold-30' and 'Sold-7' filter on repricer screen?

Ans: When you click on 'Sold-30' and refresh, it would give you the list of SKUs sold in the last 30 days and when you click on 'Sold-7', it would give you the list of SKUs sold in the last 7 days.

8)) Why do my ChannelMAX login closed automatically after few minutes?

Ans: This is because of 'Session Timeout Minutes' value 60 on your login page. This session time out minutes should be set to high value such as 2400, 3600 etc.. to keep your ChannelMAX account active for many hours.

9) How do I purge trashed SKUs?

Ans: In 'Repricing' page, you may click on "Actions-->Purge Trash[Off]" and then set "Purge Trashed SKUs" to Yes, click on "Empty Trash".

10) For some of my SKUs, I see value 'AtFloor' in red font under "Min" column. What does it mean ?

Ans: 'AtFloor' in red font under "Min" column indicates that for that specific SKU, your price stays at floor price on Amazon. 

11) Where can I check the repricer history of an SKU?

Ans: Near the quantity value of a specific SKU, you may click on a graph image [Repricing History] to display repricer history of an SKU.

12) Can I save my repricer screen with only desired columns?

Ans: Sure.. you may de-select the desired columns by clicking on 3 horizontal lines, just below "Views" on top right of your repricer and then click under columns to be removed from display. When all done, click 'Views-->Save View' to save the changes. 

13) How do I find the SKUs recently downloaded from Amazon?

Ans: You may click on "Sort By-->Newer First" to find the SKUs newly downloaded from Amazon.

14) Why do I see 2 types of quantity value for an SKU on repricer?

Ans: Every SKU on repricer would display 2 qty, one in blue color, which is called as master quantity and another in black color, which is site level quantity. Blue color qty indicate the quantity of an SKU downloaded from Amazon or manually updated in repricer. Black color qty indicate your actual qty on Amazon.

15) When I search by items, for some SKUs, SKU name has a strike through.. what does it mean?

Ans: If an SKU name has a horizontal line, it means that specific SKU is in repricer trash folder.

16) How do I report the issues to ChannelMAX team?

Ans: You may submit a support ticket or email your questions to or for assistance.

17) Where can I see my FBA inventory data?

Ans: You may navigate "Reports-->Inventory-->FBA Data" to view FBA fees.

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