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Updated by Ash on 31 July 2017 06:43
The SKUs whose floor (+shipping in selling venue, such as Amazon) is more than 5% higher than BuyBox total, ChannelMAX terms those SKUs as 'Deadbeat' SKUs. With floor 5% higher than BuyBox, it would be nearly impossible to obtain BuyBox as it may be outside BuyBox rotation percent, if no BuyBox, then the possibility of getting sale is very less. This will cause the SKU to sit in your inventory and your invested money will be stuck, hence the term 'deadbeat'. There is two ways to have the SKU out of deadbeat status, first one is very rare, i.e. if the prices in Amazon go up. The second is, to adjust your 'Cost/Min' aka floor to be competitive again. Please understand that adjustment to Cost/Min lower would impact your profitability. Here is how you may filter and download your deadbeat SKUs on Amazon from our new web interface,, Repricing screen.
1. Click on 'Deadbeat'
2. Next, click green color 'GO' to refresh.
3. Click 'Actions-->Download Inventory'
4. Choose desired templates, such as basic or extended
5. Click on 'Current Filter'
6. Click 'Download'
Note 1: Create a new template by dragging & dropping required columns to the "Selected Columns" list from "Available Columns" and then click 'Save Template As'.
Note 2: By default file will be saved in your computer Downloads/ folder or as per your browser settings in tab delimited text format. Next, right click on the text file name and open with excel spreadsheet.
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