Delete inventory using Bulk file upload
Updated by Ash on 02 January 2018 01:16

File Upload: Mass Delete
Please upload a file to ChannelMAX (using Inventory--> File Uploader)containing these three column headings:

  • SKU
  • FolderID
  • SellingVenue

In the SKU column, put the SKU you want to delete, in the 'FolderID' column, put the literal 'Trash'(or folder ID of trash folder), in 'SellingVenue' column populate desired SellingVenue value such as AmazonUK or AmazonUS as appropriate then, save the file in tab delimited text format and upload to ChannelMAX using Fileuploader.

How to delete the SKUs assigned to multiple Selling Venues?
For repricing you may assign same SKUs in multiple Selling venues if you are selling the same physical item in different Amazon locales. Now, at times you may require that when you do not wish to reprice the SKUs in a specific Selling Venue you may do so by removing the min and max values associated with it. When you remove them, as you would still want to sell the items in another Amazon locale, we would not completely move the SKUs to 'Trash', instead only the min max values would be emptied and SKU would still remain in 'Inventory' dashboard. You may upload a file containing the following columns to delete the SKUs associated with multiple selling venues. Uploading file should have 3 mandatory columns...
1. SKU
2. Detach
3. SellingVenue
In the 'SKU' column, put the SKU you want to delete, in the 'Detach' column, put 'Y' to delete the SKU and populate 'SellingVenue' column with appropriate selling venue from which you want to delete SKUs.
Note: Value Y in 'Detach' column represents 'Yes' to detach SKU and 'N' represent not to detach SKU.

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