Same ASIN, FBA and nonFBA
Updated by Ash on 08 August 2017 05:27
  • When you are selling same ASIN with 2 SKUs, one being FBA and another nonFBA, by default repricer would keep your nonFBA SKU price higher than your own FBA SKU price. This is because, being FBA, you have higher privilege in getting buyboxes against your competition.
  • When you list an ASIN with multiple listings, Amazon would keep lowest priced listing on the 1st page and punish you by moving all other listings to the last page. Therefore, keeping your FBA SKU price lower than your own NonFBA SKU price would help you exhaust inventory faster. 
  • This setting is configured under 'Settings-->Repricing-->Repricing Model-->My NonFBA Listings-->Against My FBA-->Raise By'. Default competitive adjustment amount is 0.01 cent, you may modify this rule as per your requirement. Whenever you make any changes to this section, ensure to click on "Save Home" tab on top right of the page.
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