How to send Custom Repricer reports to FTP?
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How to send Custom Repricer reports to FTP?

This setup will help ChannelMAX send your repricer R reports to FTP account when every reprice process is completed as per the 'RE-PRICE' schedule configured under 'Settings-->Process Setup' page. Here are the steps to set up your account.
Create a macro file depending on the columns you need in the repricer report as shown in this demo file link:

Save this file in ChannelMAX format "cmaxrepricereportmodel-[loginname].txt". For example, if login name is demo001, file name should be cmaxrepricereportmodel-demo001.txt. 
Login to ' --> Inventory-->File Uploader(Old)'
In the black color ChannelMAX Unified webtop click on 'File Uploader'

Browse the file and click on 'Analyze this new file'
Please do NOT click on any of the upload button such (A) or (B) or (C) or (D) at the bottom of the page.
As a next step, please configure your FTP login credentials in ChannelMAX under 'Settings-->Account-->Dropship-->My Own FTP'  Section 2 Inventory Download Information. In this page, we need the following details:
Host Folder(if available)
Port Number(value will be 21 normally)


Finally, under 'Settings-->Selling Venues', we need to configure file name {cmaxrepricereportmodel-demo001.txt} (from step 2) in the text box provided under option#2(F) and save the changes by clicking on 'Save Repricer Settings'.
Note: That instead of uploading the macro file using 'File Uploader' screen(as informed via Step 3), you may upload the macro file to your FTP root directory without making any changes to the file structure.  If you upload the macro file to your FTP account, then option#2F) referred in Step-5 should consist of the file name, prefixed with 'FTP:', meaning file name should be 'FTP:cmaxrepricereportmodel-demo001.txt'.

When the above setup is completed, you will see a file name ending with "Custom.txt" in your FTP account consisting of the column values.

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