How to view Selling Venue specific statistics?
Updated by Ash on 01 August 2017 06:06

How to view Selling Venue specific statistics?

ChannelMAX allows you to reprice multiple Selling Venues i.e, Amazon locales such as Amazon US/CA/UK/DE/FR/IT/ES/JP,, Ebay US,, Sears etc.. Hence to view the information present in CMAX inventory by SellingVenue, we have designed 'Site-Stat' tab which would display Selling Venue specific information.
In ChannelMAX, you may have the same SKUs assigned to multiple Selling Venues and repricer would consider the repricing rules, Min/Max values in common from the 'Default' Selling Venue or from the site specific information configured.

For example, you may be having 500 SKUs in ChannelMAX inventory which are assigned to Amazon UK and Amazon US Selling Venues. Out of these 500 SKUs, some may be missing with Retail/Max or Cost/Min values for Amazon US or for Amazon UK.
Another set of SKUs may be missing with ASIN in one of the Selling Venues authenticated. In this kind of scenarios, how to find what inventory are assigned with appropriate Min/Max values or ASINs or repricing models is a question that arise. You would find an answer for all these doubts under 'Site-Stat' tab. Below is how to understand the statistics associated with a specific Selling Venue.

Login to
a) Click on Repricing
b) Click on Filter-->Stat Filter++
c) Now click on 'Site-Stats' tab

Here are the details of 'Site-Stat' tab:

1. withASIN = ID/ASIN assigned
2. noASIN = No ID/ASIN assigned
3. withMax = Number of SKUs assigned Retail/Max
4. noMax = Number of SKUs not assigned Retail/Max
5. withMin = Number of SKUs assigned Cost/Min
6. noMin = Number of SKUs not assigned Cost/Min
7. withMAP = Number of SKUs assigned MAP
8. noMAP = Number of SKUs not assigned MAP
9. withASC = Number of SKUs assigned Actual Shipping Cost
10. noASC = Number of SKUs NOT assigned Actual Shipping Cost
11. With Rule = SKUs assigned to non-default R models
12. Default = SKUs assigned to default repricing models
13. With Lead = With Shipping Lead time
14. No Lead = Without Shipping Lead time

15. WithCAT = With marketplace Amazon product category assigned
16. NoCAT = Without marketplace Amazon product category assigned
17. With Con = With marketplace item conditions assigned
18. NoCon = With No condition 
19. With Rel-ASIN = SKUs with Related ASINs assigned
20. No Rel-ASIN  = SKUs without Related ASINs assigned
21. Listed by CMAX = List of SKUs created by ChannelMAX
22. Listing Error = List of SKUs could not be created by ChannelMAX for errors

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