Inventory Adjustment Report
Updated by Ash on 01 August 2017 06:11
In ChannelMAX 'Repricing' page, you may click on the master qty(blue color qty) to view "Inv Adj Rpt". This report would provide you the details of how the quantities were adjusted on a specific SKU. You may also view this report by navigating "Reports-->Inventory-->Inv.Adj Report" screen for all SKUs.
Below is how to read this "Inv Adj Rpt" panel:
Site = Selling Venue ID for which the transaction is triggered. If qty is adjusted manually then it would show site number as 700.
Adj.ID = ChannelMAX Internal TransactionID, higher the value, more recent thetransaction
AdjustedAt = Date-Time when adjustment wasmade
Actn= This column would display any of the followingactions
a)INV-ADJ  :Adjustment recorded when that specific SKU's quantity is adjusted
b)INV-ADJ-C :Applicable for MasterSKU, adjustment recorded when child SKU is adjusted
c) INV-ADJ-S : Applicable for sibling SKU, adjustment recorded when sibling SKU (for same masterSKU) is adjusted
d) INV-ADJ-BUN : adjustment recorded when one of SKUs that is part of the bundle (aka kit) is adjusted
e) SOLD  : Transaction recorded when that specific SKU is sold
f) SOLD-B : recorded when a bundle SKU is sold
g) SOLD-C : Applicable for MasterSKU, sale recorded when child SKU is adjusted
h) SOLD-S : Applicable for sibling SKU, sale recorded when sibling SKU (for same masterSKU) is adjusted
i) SOLD-S-B : Applicable when a sibling bundle SKU is sold(if a bundle SKU is linked with more than one item)
Channel OrderID = Transaction ID if the qty is subtracted due to the selling in Amazon or any other Sellinge) Venues.
Orig = Original sell ablequantity
Adj= Quantity value which isadded
Net= Net Quantity available for selling
Tr.Price = The price at which selling happened
ShipCost = Shipping amount of theitem
State= The Selling Venue in which the transaction got triggered.

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