Inventory Management Across Multiple Listings, same physical item
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I have multiple listings of the same physical item on Amazon with SKUs such as: widget-a, widget-b and widget-c. Lets say I have qty 10 of this item - can your software make it so that each listing shows qty of each item then when any one of them sells, your software makes all 3 listings show qty 9? Thank you.


The answer is yes. This is how it's done in ChannelMAX.

  1. In ChannelMAX, we call these SKUs (widget-a, widget-b etc.) of the same physical item as sibling SKUs.
  2. As step-1, you will need to define a dummy SKU in ChannelMAX called "A01". This dummy SKU will be labelled as MasterSKU. This SKU will not be listed in Amazon or any other selling venue. It will simply be used as an umbrella to group the sibling SKUs.
  3. In step-2, you will define SKUs A01-A, A01-B and A01-C with "A01" as their master SKU, (see the screenshot below)
  4. When any one of the 3 SKUs sells, then all the sibling SKUs will be deducted with the sold quantity and quantity for all 3 SKUs will be re-adjusted back to the selling venue. In the above example, when widget-a sells 1, then it will subtract 1 from each of other two sibling SKUs and ChannelMAX will feed 9 for all 3 SKUs back to the selling venue.
  5. To update inventory quantity for all the siblings SKUs in one go, you need to simply update the inventory of master SKU and quantity will be propagated to the children SKUs.


In the following diagram, [template file may be downloaded here]
(1) A01 is the master SKU, hence no MinSellingPrice or ASIN needed, but Title is needed
A01-A/A01-B/A01-C are the children of this master SKU A01,
hence MinSellingPrice as well as ASIN are needed, but Title is not needed
MasterSKUControlsInv is Y, meaning that if any of the sibling sells, qty is deducted from all.
MasterSKU is not selleable, hence ASIN is not present
(2) C-01 and D-01 are independent SKUs, and not part of any MasterSKU
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