Frequently Asked Questions on ChannelMAX
Updated by Ash on 08 August 2017 05:00

1. Where do I see the inventory downloaded from Amazon?

You may view your inventory downloaded from Amazon under "Repricing" page.

2. How do I find the files that I had already uploaded to ChannelMAX?

You may click on 'File Uploader' and find the list of files uploaded just above 'Analyze this already uploaded file'. To download these files, you may choose the file and click on  'Analyze this already uploaded file' tab and then click on 'Download'.

3. Is there any way to delete the repricing model created?

Yes, you can do that under 'Settings-->Repricing-->Repricing Model' screen. Please click on the desired R model to be deleted and then click on the X mark to the left of 'Repricing Model List' to delete.

4. Can I toggle FBA switch in ChannelMAX?

Sure.. you can by clicking on FN or F under Inventory Multi-Channel screen. F in green color box, stands for FBA and FN for nonFBA. However, if you change the status to what is not in Amazon, it will be reset as per Amazon.

5. How can I see my products Amazon category?

You may filter your listings by Amazon category under Repricing-->Filter-->Defined Value Filter-->Additonal-->Amazon Category. This product group is also found under Repricer R report generated at every reprice.

6. I know if status is displayed as "_DONE_" under "Settings-->Job Process Log" prices are fed to Amazon. However, I don't see any price changes on Amazon. Why?

Please make sure that the SKU value in ChannelMAX is 100% matched back to your Amazon Seller central.

7. What is master qty is ChannelMAX?

Green color qty value displayed under Repricer or Inventory screen are master quantity value of an SKU.

8. I would like to automate my data feed setup. How do I do that?

Sure.. you can do that via FTP upload.

9. Some SKUs present in my ChannelMAX account has incorrect product names/Titles, how do I fix this issue?

You may enable option#12c under Settings-->Selling Venues for the desired Amazon channel to refresh product names from Amazon.

10. For some reasons, I see that some of my SKUs set under incorrect product groups in ChannelMAX. How do I correct this issue?

You may enable,option#12b under Settings-->Selling Venues for the desired Amazon channel to refresh product groups from Amazon.

11. Can I get the Salesrank of my SKUs present in ChannelMAX?

Sure, you may view it under 'SRank' column in our Inventory or Repricer screen.

12. Why do you receive email with subject line "_GET_FLAT_FILE_ALL_ORDERS_DATA_"?

Under "Repricing", we have a column named "Sales" .. This column displays total quantity sold for last 7 days. We pull this report every couple of hours from Amazon and store order count by day. There is no other purpose of downloading this report. With next release, you would be able to easily differentiate your slow moving SKUs from fast moving SKUs. There is absolutely no harm with us downloading the report and would not impact your account in any way.

13. Can I control inventory feed by selling Channel?

Sure.. you can setup the account to feed qty based on the selling venue under 'Settings-->Inventory Profile' page.

14. If I add a new selling Channel is my monthly invoice impacted?

Yes, any new selling venue added are charged additional, depending on the number of SKUs you have for repricing under that new Channel.

15. How do I exclude some SKUs from my inventory feed setup?

You may need to define a new 'Inventory Profile' under 'Settings-->Inventory Profile' and configure "Buffer Quantity" column to 99999 for desired selling venue. Next, assign desired SKUs to this new inventory profile. This will stop ChannelMAX feeding qty to that selling locale. You may refer to this help link.

16. What types of payments are accepted by ChannelMAX?

Currently, you can make payment to ChannelMAX using your Credit Card or PayPal account. 

17. Even if I have configured my Credit Card details in ChannelMAX under Billing section, can I continue to make payment using my Paypal account?

No, this will lead to duplicate payment. That is why it is not recommended to directly pay from Paypal account if Credit Card is saved.

18. What is the grace period for taking care of pending invoices?

Your invoices are generated on 1st day of every month for the current month and are requested to pay by 7th of every month.

19. Why do I see 'Payment Pending' alert even if my Credit Card details saved are valid?

Normally, you will notice this alert in the initial 3 to 4 business days of the month and may ignore it. Your services enabled in ChannelMAX are not impacted with this message. If your payments are due for a long time, we send notification by email as reminders and failing to respond to them may cause disruption in the services opted. 

20. How to I cancel my ChannelMAX account?

We need written communication from user to cancel/disable ChannelMAX account. For all paying accounts we need 30 days notice for cancellation. Therefore, you would need to submit a new support ticket confirming the same or email to

21. How do I change my ChannelMAX account password?

Within your ChannelMAX account, you may navigate to 'Settings-->Change Password' tab to reset password. Additionally, please refer to this link

22. Why do my ChannelMAX login closed automatically after few minutes?

This is happening because of 'Session Timeout Minutes' value 60 on your login page. This session time out minutes should be set to high value such as 240, 360 etc.. to keep your ChannelMAX account active for many hours.

23. Why do I get 'Server N/Error' under 'File Uploader' screen when I try to upload a file?

Normally, this error occur when you try to upload a file with very big size, in few MBs. When this error is shown you may clear browser cache and then log back in and upload a smaller file. Please make sure that the file you upload is smaller and in tab delimited text file always.

24. Can ChannelMAX reprice the SKUs assigned to a specific folder only and ignore all other listings present on Repricer?

Yes, you can setup the repricer to work only for the SKUs assigned to a specific folder. For this purpose, you will have to modify repricer schedule under 'Settings-->Processes-->Process Setup' page.

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