Frequently Asked Questions on Repricing
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1) How fast ChannelMAX can reprice my items?

We can enable real time repricer using Amazon's latest Subscription API. You may read this link from Amazon 

2) Sometimes we notice that same item is assigned multiple ASINs on Amazon. Do we support it?

You may sell your items on Amazon under multiple ASINs if available for the same physical item. However on a periodic basis, Amazon would change/merge the ASIN values.

3) Can I sell an item through FBA as well as nonFBA?

Sure.. you can have two SKUs for the same ASIN, one as FBA and another as nonFBA(aka merchant fulfilled). When you sell items using FBA as well as nonFBA, please keep your nonFBA SKUs higher than your own FBA SKU price.

4) How does ChannelMAX analyze a repricing issue reported with an example SKU/ASIN?

ChannelMAX Support team analyze any repricing issue reported based on the data available with us under 'Settings--> Processes-->Submitted Processes' page.

5) Even though I have setup Ceiling price, why my price is repriced above the value set under Repricer?

Normally we notice this issue if ceiling rule#42a is turned OFF under 'Settings-->Repricing Model-->Floor/Ceiling' tab.

5) How can I setup my account to compete with Buybox-Eligible sellers only?

By default, if you are featured, we will reprice your SKUs against Buybox eligible sellers only. 

6) Can I reprice my items to a very high price at night or at any other time of the day, if needed.

Sure.. using rule#59 'Time Variant Price Adjustment' reprice rule you can achieve this requirement. You can read more about this setup in this link.

7) I have SKU and ASIN in ChannelMAX Repricer. But not repriced.. why ?

Just having the SKU/ASIN in ChannelMAX does not guarantee that an item will reprice. These are the some of the most common reason why the SKU/ASIN may not reprice. The quantity in ChannelMAX is not greater than zero. By default inactive SKUs are not repriced unless your account is setup to reprice 0 qty SKUs.

Here are some of the other reasons to be checked:
a) The SKU may be in 'Trash' folder
b) The repricing model ID associated has rule#44(a) or rule#44b checked (meaning report mode/skipped from repricing)
c) The repricing model ID associated has rule#35 is set to 100% of 'Item Unit Cost', whereas the 'Unit Cost' itself may be missing

8) Is there a way to STOP repricing an item?

Yes, you may remove Min price (aka floor) associated with the SKU under Inventory or Repricer screen or move this SKU to 'Manual' repricing model. Under Manual repricing model, by default repricer rule#44a and 44b are check marked to skip repricing the SKUs assigned to this model.

9) I have changed my shipping amount charged to the buyers on Amazon from $2.49 to $2.99. How I can make this change in ChannelMAX?

We take the shipping amount live from Amazon at every reprice. Therefore, no settings need to be changed in ChannelMAX.

10) I have set my shipping amount to 0 on Amazon from earlier shipping amount of $4.99 per listing. How do I adjust this amount in repricing?

You may add your shipping cost to MinSellingPrice(aka floor) to cover your shipping cost. Therefore, floor prices need to be raised in ChannelMAX to cover your shipping cost.

11) Can I setup the Repricer to ignore my competitors based on feedback rating?

Sure.. you can setup the repricer rule to ignore competitors based on Feedback Percentage/Feedback Count by configuring rule#14 and 15 under 'Settings-->Repricing Model-->Advanced-->Seller' tab.

12) Can I ignore a specific competitor from repricing?

Sure, you can do that by configuring Amazon merchant ID of the competitor in "Seller" tab under Settings-->Repricing-->Repricing Model.

13) Can I ignore the offers below my floor price?

Yes.. you may enable rule#5 under 'Settings-->Repricing Model-->Advanced-->Other Adj' tab to ignore the offers below floor. However, it will work best with new Amazon Subscription API.

14) Can I run my repricer in report mode only without actually feeding the prices to Amazon?

Yes, as long as reprice rule#44a is check marked, repricer will run in report mode without actually feeding the prices to Amazon.

15) If I have SKUs without floor price, are they picked up for repricing?

Yes, even if floor price is missing in ChannelMAX Repricer, those SKUs are picked up for repricing, however, system will throw up an error that Cost is missing and that is why it is not repriced.

16) Can I reprice my SKUs based on Competitors selling quantity?

Sorry, currently we do not have this feature.

17) I sell from USA and don't want to compete with the sellers who does not ship from USA. Can I do that?

Yes, we can setup the repricer to ignore the competitors who does not ship from USA by configuring this macro IGNORECOUNTRIES[INTL] under Settings-->Repricing Model-->Advanced-->Seller tab, rule#52b.

18) How do I setup my ChannelMAX repricer to reprice down to get buybox?

You may navigate to 'Settings-->Repricing Model' and enable rule#"C. Try to get me exclusive BuyBox" to reprice lower to get buybox. When this rule is check marked, repricer will try to lower your price against buybox price for the SKUs you are 'Buybox Eligible'(aka featured). Here is the snapshot of this rule.

19) Am I competing with my own FBA and nonFBA SKUs on the same ASIN?

No, by default you are not repriced against your own listings. Using rule#" Do you sell same ASIN as FBA as well as nonFBA.", you can keep your nonFBA SKUs prices higher than your own FBA SKUs always. Click here  to read more.

20) If I don't have competition raise my price to max. Is this possible?

Yes, you can setup the repricer to raise your price to MaxSellingPrice(aka ceiling) based on rule#43a When I am only seller

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