Converting eBay order to Amazon FBA automatically thru MCF
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What is MCF?

Amazon FBA can fulfill your orders from other selling venues such as EBay and Rakuten using your inventory stored at an Amazon fulfillment center. This is well documented under Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment documentation. ChannelMAX utilizes this Amazon FBA feature using their FWS API to auto convert your EBay and/or Buy.COM orders to Amazon FBA order.

How to configure your ChannelMAX account for MCF?

1) First, you need make sure that your eBay SKUs(aka Custom Labels) are matched back to your FBA SKUs.

2) As a next step, you will have to connect your ebay account in ChannelMAX as per the following steps:
Open Internet Explorer or FireFox(ideally IE)
myAccount --> Channels --> EBay US (or EBay UK as appropriate) --> Click on "Click here to authenticate"

Click on the yellow key on the proceeding page and complete the rest, its self-guided

3) Next, under "Settings-->Account->Selling Venues" you need to enable following options as  appropriate:

3(a). Enable Order Download.
3(c). Enable Ship Confirm
4(a). Enable Inv Adjustment (Feed Inv Qty from ChannelMAX,) Optional, needed only if you want us feed FBA qty to Ebay
4(f). Limit inv management only to FBA SKUs
4(e) and 4(ev). To download any new SKUs created on marketplace

4) Further, option#6a, 6c, and 6f need to be configured under 'Selling Venues' for ebay.

6(a). Fulfillment Amazon Selling Venue.
6(c). Convert to FBA only Approved SKUs
6(f). Convert Ebay Global Shipping Orders to MCF.

P.S: These are admin setup and you will have to notify us to enable/disable them via Support ticket.

6) By default, ChannelMAX would move/convert all non-Amazon orders downloaded to FBA if your listing is linked to Amazon FBA SKU. If you wish to select only specific SKUs for conversion, please enable option#"6(c). Convert to FBA only Approved SKUs" and then choose the desired SKUs as below.

To choose desired SKUs for conversion, please refer to these steps:

  • Login to
  • Click on "Repricing"
  • Search the SKU that you want to select for auto conversion
  • Click on the + icon to expand it, it will show you the "Detail" tab.
  • Change the box "Auto FulFill Approved"  to "Yes" under "MCF Special Instruction"
  • Click on "Save".

Please note that when you select specific SKU for conversion, only the order associated with that SKU will be auto converted. If you do not choose any SKUs then, ChannelMAX by default would select all eBay SKUs for auto conversion.

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