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You may use this simple UPC Search tool to find/generate a report from Amazon on demand. Below steps shows how you can manually find the results for ASIN Search using this Amazon Search under "Research" menu.
1) Choose the 'Sites' and search type UPC/EAN/ASIN/Keyword as desired.
2) Enter the values in text field, for example, ASIN
3) Click 'Search Amazon'
P.S: Similarly, you can make use of other search parameters such as EAN, UPC, Keyword as appropriate.
Note: You can get the results only if these sites(aka marketplaces) are connected under Settings-->Selling Venues section with appropriate Amazon merchant ID.

If you have a few hundreds of ASINs or UPCs to be searched on Amazon, you may upload a file in tab delimited text format containing 2 columns, ASIN and SKU or UPC and SKU or Keyword and SKU.

When you prepare the file for uploading, please make sure that the first column(column A) value is always the search parameter that is, ASIN/UPC/EAN/Keyword and the second column(column B) should have SKU values.

Once the file is prepared, you may choose appropriate 'Sites' and search type UPC/ASIN/EAN/Keyword and then upload this file by clicking on 'Upload-->Search Amazon'.
When this search process is completed, you may download the results into a text file using 'Download Results'.

Please note, when you perform this search, if your application is timed out or internet is disconnected or you log out of ChannelMAX application for some reason, the search process that is running would be terminated. If any of these situation arises, you will have to restart the process with a new upload. If you intend to do bulk search with thousands of records, you may use alternate bulk search Bulk Search from File

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