Frequently Asked Questions on ChannelMAX Cross Lister
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1) Do you sell in Amazon FBA (US or Europe)?
If answer is Yes, please see our 2nd question.
2) Do you want to sell those FBA items in EBay too?
I am sure the "answer" cannot be No. Who would not not want to sell to as many buyers as possible?
Since you have already invested so much energy and money to select the correct items to sell in FBA, lets maximize that effort by creating your Amazon listings on Ebay.
3) What would be my Return on Investment?
Surely positive, and especially when we are managing it for you for a very nominal fee. Had return on investment not been positive, we would not have reached out to you. Please note that ChannelMAX would do everything for you (unless you want to overwrite any info). ChannelMAX would gather information (including images) and list the items to EBay, once listed, ChannelMAX would manage the listings' price and qty, additionally if you opt for, ChannelMAX would auto convert EBay orders to Amazon MCF (multi channel fulfillment). It's all automatic, your time required in this whole process is negligible. You only keep selling in FBA.
4) What ChannelMAX would do to list your FBA items to Ebay?
a) First, you would need to have an EBay seller account with PayPal acccount linked to your Ebay account. Next, need to authenticate ChannelMAX for Ebay.
b) Then for your FBA items, ChannelMAX would gather the bullet points and images from the web, and get as much information as possible.
c) Next, you would determine your shipping in EBay and configure it in ChannelMAX using Settings-->Listing-->Profile.
d) Next, you may choose to have a professional listing designed for your EBay listing, or choose ChannelMAX simple layout.
e) ChannelMAX would then list your items to EBay.
5) What happens after items are listed in Ebay?
a) ChannelMAX would auto download your FBA qty from Amazon and update EBay listing with the same.
b) You may choose ChannelMAX to keep your price in sync with Amazon or you may choose to have a different pricing strategy in EBay (need discussion with ChannelMAX).
6) What happens when an item (listed by ChannelMAX) is sold in EBay?
You may choose ChannelMAX to automatically convert to Amazon MCF. ChannelMAX will also update tracking number back to EBay or you may fulfill yourself.
7) What happens to newly added items to FBA?
Once a week, ChannelMAX would add these new FBA items to EBay. We will try to do it more frequently, however data collection process is time consuming.
8) How much does it cost me?
One time fee:
$149.99 for up to 500 FBA SKUs to be listed to EBay
$249.99 for up to 1000 FBA SKUs to be listed to EBay
For every subsequent 1000 listings, its $199.99 (one time). Please note that this fee is for item with no variations, for items with variations, please add $50 for
every 1000 FBA SKUs converted to EBay.
Monthly fee:
$24.99 to managing your price and qty in EBay (from Amazon FBA). This also includes converting EBay order to be fulfilled by Amazon FBA (called MCF).
Plus $24.99 for adding your new FBA SKUs to EBay, for variation SKUs, it's $39.99 a month.
9) How do I authenticate EBay for ChannelMAX?
Open Internet Explorer(not Google Chrome, if IE doesn't work you may use FireFox)
myAccount --> Channels --> EBay US (or EBay UK) --> Click on "Click here to authenticate"
Click on the yellow key on the proceeding page and complete the rest, its self-guided
P.S: Make sure that your Ebay account is linked to Paypal.
10) Can I see sample Ebay listings done by ChannelMAX?
Sure.. below are 2 examples:
This is a simple listing done by ChannelMAX :
This is an advanced listing done by ChannelMAX :
PS: For advanced listing, you will need to have EBay listing template designed by graphic designer professional. It may cost anywhere from $499.99 to $1499.99. You may check with following companies: and
11) Can I pick and choose which items should be listed to EBay?
Yes, with the help of ChannelMAX "Inventory Profile", you may choose the listing you want to list to EBay. When you are ready for more, you can add more SKUs to this special allocation profile.

12) How much fee I need to pay to EBay?
Ebay has different packages, please choose one that fits your need.

13) If I sell an Item in Ebay and fulfill via Amazon FBA (MCF), do I pay fee twice?
No, you pay Ebay selling commission, and you pay Amazon shipping (fulfillment) fee.

14) What would be the listing title in Ebay?
We will keep it same as that of Amazon listing. However EBay has 80 char limit. For the ones over 80 char, we will give you the list to correct it.

15) How ChannelMAX would map the FBA SKUs to EBay category?
ChannelMAX would map the categories to best match possible. But you may correct the categories in ChannelMAX and ChannelMAX would then revise your EBay listings. Please upload a file to ChannelMAX
SellingVenue (EbayUS)
Title (if you need special title for your eBay listings)

16) I have images for my listings, can I use those for listing to EBay?
Sure. you can upload a file to ChannelMAX with the image urls by SKU and we will have those added to your EBay listing, the file upload format is

17) Does CMax support variations (such as color or size etc.)?
Yes, that costs $99 more for each 1000 SKUs.

18) How long my EBay listing will be active?
Please note that we don't support auction, but only BuyItNow (BIN). Since your EBay listing is launched as GTC (good till cancel) BuyItNow, it will stay active as long as you have stock in FBA. If you run out of stock in FBA, then we will set the EBay listing as "Out of Stock" too. Once you get more stock into FBA, listing will be active again. If you have an FBA item that runs out of stock and your know you would not get it back, we will end the listing in EBay.

19) I have my own eBay listing template, can I use that with ChannelMAX?
"Yes", however ChannelMAX will have to validate the template.

20) For a specific SKU, I may have much higher qty in FBA, but I would like to feed only few (say 3 to EBay), is it possible?
Answer is yes, you may configure "Inventory Allocation Profile" in ChannelMAX to define feed qty by marketplace.

21) Am I allowed to sell the same item in Amazon FBA as well as in EBay?
100% yes, however Amazon may want your price in EBay to comply with price parity requirement in US, meaning EBay price needing be min 1p higher than your price in Amazon for the same SKU. ChannelMAX can help you with constantly updating Amazon prices to EBay.

22) Can ChannelMAX list my nonFBA items to EBay?
Sure, yes. Cost is the same as that of FBA SKUs.

23) Can I list to Sears and NewEgg too?
Sure, ChannelMAX can try to do that. It costs $100 for every 1000 SKUs. If you are not looking to list in EBay, then first 1000 costs $249.99 and subsequent 1000 costs $199.99.

24) Has ChannelMAX done this "Amazon FBA to Ebay" conversion before?
Yes, we have already worked with many Amazon FBA sellers, few from UK and DE.

25) Can I upload different price to EBay than what is present in Amazon?
Yes. Seller may upload the MaxSellingPrice for EBay using the File Uploader.

26) Will there be any ChannelMAX logo placed on the EBay listing done by ChannelMAX?
Yes. A small ChannelMAX logo will be placed at the bottom of each EBay listing done by ChannelMAX.

27) Would ChannelMAX obtain long Amazon description for listing to EBay?
Sorry no, we will get only the bullet points and product attributes.

28) Which EBay countries does ChannelMAX support?
EBay US, EBay CA, EBay UK, EBay DE and EBay FR, other EBay countries can be supported on request.
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