Repricer Setup against Related ASINs:
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With this setup, ChannelMAX can reprice your SKU with the buy box price of another related ASIN. Below are the details of this setup.

A) First, we have to establish a connection between your ASIN and related ASIN, by saving the related ASIN in ChannelMAX inventory.

Here is how to save related ASIN in 'Repricing' screen.

1) Search by the SKU/ASIN you are selling,
2) Mouse hover Min or Max column
3) Now click on the edit/pencil symbol
4) In the new Q500 panel, click 'Related-ASIN' tab
5) Populate Related ASINs field with the desired ASIN to be repriced against along with adjustment amount/% and multiplier(if needed).
P.S: If you have more than one ASIN, use comma or semicolon as a separator
6) Click on 'Save'.
You may see the following screenshot from repricer screen to better understand the panel.

This would establish a connection in ChannelMAX between your ASIN and related ASIN.

If you have a large number of SKUs, may even upload a file to ChannelMAX with the following columns in tab-delimited text format using 'Inventory-->File Uploader'.
RelatedASINs (P.S: If you have more than one ASIN to be related, may enter each ASIN separated by comma or semicolon)

B) Now, first the repricer would reprice you based on competitor's price from offer listing page of your ASIN.

C) As a next step, we will take BuyBox price from related ASIN's offer listing page.

D) Now, we have two new prices calculated. One is calculated against the competitor's price from your offer listing page and other is calculated based on Related ASINs BuyBox price. If you add more than one related ASIN, then repricer would consider lower of the buybox prices between these related ASINs.

E) Please note that the Repricer would feed the minimum value from these two calculated new prices against your SKU and related ASINs.

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