Supplier integration in ChannelMAX
Updated by Ash on 01 October 2015 02:54

This page explain how to integrate a 'Supplier' account with your ChannelMAX account for repricing and inventory management.

A) As a first step, please configure your Supplier FTP credentials in ChannelMAX under 'Settings-->Dropship-->My Supplier 1-->Section 5' with 'File name to download' populated with appropriate files as supplied by the Supplier.

B) Next, under 'Settings-->Dropship-->My Supplier 1' click on 'Enable Feed' and enter Supplier name and SKU Prefix. For example, if you use Supplier 'LiveEx' then SKU prefix should be 'LX-', for ApparelW prefix could be 'AB-' and so on.

ChannelMAX automatically creates a folder with same name as the supplier name and moves all the SKUs present in the supplier file to this folder. This is just for better categorization of the SKUs in ChannelMAX, it has no other impact.

All the SKUs from that supplier are bucketed into the same as suppliername. You may create a new repricing model named exact same as SupplierName, then that is the default repricing model used in repricing.

C) Next, click on 'Create New Item In ChannelMAX' under option#10 with 'Selling Venue' option selected. Apply these changes by clicking on 'Save' button. Please make sure that default selling venue is selected from the drop down list, if connected multiple Amazon locales.

For some supplier, the file may contain summary record at the top and column header record may not start at record 1. In that case, we need input correct value "Header Record Posn" under 'Settings-->Dropship-->My Supplier 1' section 5.

D) For repricing, option#6 and 7 may be configured under 'Settings-->Dropship-->My Supplier 1' dynamic floor and ceiling macros for your Supplier SKUs imported from the files.

E) For quantity feed setup from ChannelMAX to Amazon, you may configure option#3 as needed:

DropShip Buffer Quantity:
If you put say 5 in this box, then if dropshipper send 10 as available quantity, ChannelMAX will feed 5 (10-5) to the selling venue, if dropshipper feed less than equal to 5, then ChannelMAX will feed zero. You should set at a reasonable value so that you item is not oversold.

Weekend Buffer Quantity:
This value is subtracted from the qty supplied by supplier and stored in ChannelMAX. This may also be controlled from inventory profile. Weekend buffer qty is the buffer qty applied on weekend, this value is generally higher than buffer qty.

LeadTime To Ship:
Default value is 3.

E) Option#4a should be check marked under 'Settings-->Selling Venues' for the appropriate Amazon Channel to enable quantity feed.

F) Once the above details are saved in ChannelMAX under 'Settings-->Dropship-->My Supplier 1' page, please notify us via support ticket or email to Our support team would validate your account setup and update you for any changes as needed.

G) Once all these steps are validated, our admin team would schedule FTP process on our server.

H) When these supplier files are processed, we will have entry named 'FTPFileS1' under 'Job Process Log' with status column displayed '_DONE_'.


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