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ChannelMAX can auto synchronize your FBA quantity with (former Buy.COM) marketplace. Since at present unlike Amazon, Buy.COM will not let sellers upload a partial file, ChannelMAX makes use of Buy.COM listing report file, reads it, updates the quantity from dropship database and reuploads the listing export back to Buy.COM.

Below are the steps to be followed for this setup:

A) In "" navigate to 'Settings-->Account -->Selling Venues', click on 'Buy.COM' and input all the information along with FTP info as obtained from Buy.COM with the following information:

Seller Name
FTP Url (for Rakuten, given by Rakuten): (it's universal for all Rakuten users)
FTP Login
FTP Password
Seller ID (for Rakuten, its numeric)

B) Next, under "Settings-->Account--> Selling Venues" you need to enable (set to Yes) following options as appropriate:

3(a). Enable Order Download.
3(c). Enable Ship Confirm
4(a). Enable Inv Adjustment (Feed Inv Qty from ChannelMAX,)
4(f). Limit inv management only to FBA SKUs
4(e). To download any new SKUs created on marketplace

C) As a next step, please download your listing export file as per this link and upload this file to ChannelMAX using 'Inventory-->File Uploader'.

Please note that you need to only browse the file and click on 'Analyze This New File'
NO need to map any column and NO need to click on any of the upload buttons such as "B" or "C"

D) Further, option#6a, (and/or 6c for approved SKUs only) need to be configured under 'Selling Venues' for

6(a). Fulfillment Amazon Selling Venue.
6(c). Convert to FBA only Approved SKUs

P.S: These are admin setup and you will have to notify us to enable/disable them via Support ticket

E) By default, ChannelMAX would move/convert all non-Amazon(Rakuten) orders downloaded to FBA if your listing is linked to Amazon FBA SKU. If you wish to select only specific SKUs for conversion, please enable option#"6(c). Convert to FBA only Approved SKUs" and then choose the desired SKUs as below.

To choose desired SKUs for conversion, please refer to these steps:

Login to
Click on "Repricing"
Search the SKU for auto conversion
Click on the + icon to expand it, it will show you the "Detail" tab.
Check the box "Auto FulFill Approved" "Yes" under "MCF Special Instruction"
Click on "Save".


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