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DNH Dropship Setup for repricing and inventory feed:
As a first step, please configure DnH FTP credentials in ChannelMAX under 'Settings-->Dropship--> DnH-->Section 5' with 'File name to download: set to "ITEMLIST"(without quotes).
Next, click on 'Enable Feed' and enter DnH under Supplier Name field and SKU Prefix 'DH-' and '_%' with SKU Suffix.
Please note, You must assign each dropshipper unique SKU suffix such as _1 or _2 or -1 or -2, input _% or -% for better categorization.
Using option#6 and 7, you may configure dynamic floor and ceiling macros for repricing as per your requirement based on 'Supplier Price'.

Next, under Section 10, need to enable 'Purge and replace ChannelMAX with every FTP file feed' option to process the SKUs present in the FTP file only and move other DNH SKUs to trash folder.
E) Under Settings-->Repricing Model, we need to define a new repricing model and name it as "DNH". This will enable the repricer to reprice all DNH SKUs based on this R model.
F) If ChannelMAX need to feed quantity from DNH file to Amazon, then need to create a new Inventory Profile under 'Settings-->Inventory Profile' and name it as DNH. If you do not want ChannelMAX control quantity from the DNH files, may configure value -1 in 'DNH' inventory profile under 'Allocation In Percent' column.
G) Once these DnH files are processed, we will have an entry under 'Settings-->Job Process Log' with FTPFile[dropshipname]. For DNH, it is FTPFileDNH.
H) Once the above steps are completed, our admin team would configure this setup on our servers to process DNH files.
If you have any questions, please feel free to send to or create a new support ticket by clicking on 'Support' link within ChannelMAX Unified webtop.
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