Bundle SKUs Setup for inventory control
Updated by Ash on 01 August 2017 06:10
This page explains how to setup  bundle SKUs in ChannelMAX inventory and how quantity is subtracted when masterSKU is setup as bundledSKU
You can create bundle SKUs as per the following steps:
Login to
Click on Repricing
Search by the SKU i.e, bundle SKU
Click on N 'Bundle(KIT) Detail'
In the new bundle panel shown choose desired SKUs to be added as component SKUs with quantity in bundle and click on 'Save' them as shown in this image.
As per the values under Quantity in bundle column, when bundle SKU is sold, qty is subtracted from the componentSKUs.

Bundle Setup with Master-Child Relationship:
1) As a first step, please create bundle SKU for example, 2H-N9VS and add ComponentSKU as PG-26XL under "Setup Bundled SKUs" panel with bundled qty 2.
2) When you add ComponentSKU PG-26XL, please make sure that it is a MasterSKU value tied with child SKUs. In this example SKU 'PG-26XL' is master SKU associated with 6 child SKUs.
3) When a buyer order this bundle SKU 2H-N9VS, entry is reflected under Inv-adj report of this SKU as shown below with 'Actn' column 'SOLD':
4) Now, as Bundle in Qty value is 2, 2 qty is subtracted from ComponentSKU PG-26XL and the same is deducted from all it's child SKUs too.
To sum it up, we see 3 actions happens
a) First, bundled SKU '2H-N9VS' was 'SOLD'.
b) This sale impacted on the componentSKUs {PG-26XL} within the bundle with sale entry 'SOLD-B'.
c) Finally, impacted all 6 Child SKUs within master SKU 'PG-26XL' with sale entry 'SOLD-S-B'.
Please make a note of the following points: 
1) When this relationship is created, please make sure that Child SKUs within the master is not created as bundle SKU. Doing this will establish the relationship twice, BundleSKU-->Parent and then Parent-->BundleSKU. We should create this relationship only once, that is inside bundle only.
2) When a bundle SKU has more than one ComponentSKUs added, system would calculate net bundle qty based on the SKU which has the lowest quantity. 

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